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JRM Decorators offers both interior and exterior painting to businesses in Croydon and the surrounding area.  Each job we do is special to us, and we specialize in maintaining a friendly communication with our clients during the job to ensure a trouble-free experience.


Why Choose JRM?


Although we are not the only commercial painter Croydon has to offer, our customers keep coming back for several reasons, which include:


  • Credentials – A shockingly high percentage of painters are unlicensed, and that official recognition of professionalism is very important in ensuring the painter will do a good job. All of JRM’s workers are highly trained and have obtained certificates and licensing from professional organizations.
  • Experience –Of course, all the formal training and licensing in the world will not guarantee professional prowess unless you have spent plenty of time in the field putting your learned knowledge to work. JRM has been operating in and around Croydon for decades, and our painting experts have had plenty of time to hone their skills through practical experience.
  • Local Company – JRM is a locally owned company, and it shows in our work.  Because we want to contribute to a thriving, beautiful local community, we treat each painting project we do lovingly and with extreme care. Not only that, but being located in the same area for so long has allowed us to build up good connections with local businesses and suppliers. This means we will be using locally sourced paints for your project, not those produced by large corporate brands.
  • Personal Touches –JRM is known for its ability to build a relationship with its clients and use the information gleaned from that relationship to improve its painting jobs. From the first moment we come into contact with you, our staff will do everything they can to get to know you and exactly what it is you want to see in your project. This is something most painting companies simply ignore, but we assure you that it will make a large difference in your satisfaction with the final product.
  • Professionalism –Although our painters are intent on getting to know you in order to do a better job, our staff will maintain a professional attitude that has come from many years of running a top-tier business.
  • Full Liability Coverage –During our many years of faithful service to the Croydon community, we have developed a careful and methodical method of painting both interiors and exteriors. Unfortunately, accidents such as paint spills and falls do happen occasionally, and JRM makes sure you don’t need to worry about this by carrying both general liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage.


JRM Decorators, the Finest Commercial Painter Croydon Has to Offer


JRM has been serving the Croydon community for over 35 years. We are a community-supported entity, and we could not survive without our excellent reputation and our friendly and professional staff. Whether you need a new paint job on your business’s interior, exterior, or both, JRM is the best choice, giving you quality and satisfaction for your money. 

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